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Divers of the Term

Every term the coaches meet and discuss nominations for divers of the term: one from our learn-to-dive lessons and one from our squads.


The coaches are looking for divers who may have overcome a specific skill or fear, or someone who is consistently trying their best, is motivated at every session and has great attendance.


Our Autumn Term 2021 Winners are: 


Recreational Winner - Isaac T

Isaac has overcome and managed to learn and pass several skills he previously found difficult this term. He has worked so hard on his technique which has led to a massive improvement in the standard of his diving. Not only this but he also managed to pass his level 10 and will be invited to join Novice Squad next term!

Squad Winner - Eva 

Eva has had to work through some difficult personal adversities this year which meant she had to have some time off diving. We have had to slowly reintroduce training incrementally over a long period of time to ensure that we got back to where she was safely and built up her dives and strength again. Eva has been determined to get back to full time training and not only get back to where she was before her break but to hugely surpass this. It has been hugely impressive to see Eva’s diving get to where it is now. She has learnt challenging new dives with ease and without hesitation. Her confidence has only gone from strength to strength along with her diving and I am very excited to see where she can take her diving in the near future!


This year we had quite a few nominations and so many divers who we were impressed with that it made it really hard to chose the winners. Due to this we wanted to recognise all the nominees this term as well!


The Nominees were: 


Florence - TID Squad

Florence this term has been very committed to diving, especially during the hard times where we did not have use of our diving boards. We had to travel to many other centres to practise on the higher boards. Florence came to all of these and sometimes was the only diver in her squad to make the journey. This shows great commitment and motivation to continue to dive and improve even in difficult circumstances! Due to this commitment and motivation, she has learnt all of her line ups off 3m to a very good standard and improved in many other aspects of her diving as well! Well done Florence and keep up your impressive commitment and motivation!


Tegan - Skills Squad

Tegan had been struggling with a few dives that she has been really wanting to learn but had some mental blocks over these! Even over the difficult time when we had no 3m or 5m she pressed on and got herself to all the external sessions she could and has been gradually picking away at each of these dives, regaining old dives and also learning new ones along the way. The sheer determination to overcome her fears has been wonderful to see and has given her a big boost in confidence. It's been a journey for her and one that she is coming out on top of! Keep up that grit and determination Tegan!


Caitlin - Age Group Squad

Caitlin has also struggled with a few divers that have been a challenge for her to learn in the past. This term she has come out of lockdown with a fantastic mindset of getting these dives back and learning new ones. Even when we have not had bubbles to learn some new dives she has been prepared to get stuck in, trust herself and her coach to get these dives learnt in preparation for competitions returning. She has done amazingly well to push through fear and should be proud of what she has achieved. Caitlin is a great role model to divers younger than her to keep trying and to overcome adversity and hard times.


Sophia - Development Squad

Sophia has worked so hard this term not only in the pool but in dryland also. Sophia along with Leo has been training very hard since the beginning of term to be ready to represent the club at Talent Games. Talent Games is a very challenging competition where divers compete over a whole day in dryland activities that test both strength and acrobatic skills, the next day they compete over 3 boards in the pool which tests a wide variety of skills. At the beginning of term, Sophia did not have all the dives to compete at Talent Games, so she not only had to learn all these dives, she had to get them ready to compete at a high-level event. Sophia ended up finishing 5th overall at Talent Games which is a fantastic achievement. Her attitude to both pool and dryland activities truly has been fantastic!


Leo - Development Squad

Leo along with Sophia has been training very hard since the beginning of term to be ready to represent the club at talent games. Talent Games is a very challenging competition where divers compete over a whole day in dryland activities that test both strength and acrobatic skills, the next day they compete over 3 boards in the pool which tests a wide variety of skills. Leo has also pressed on to learn new dives for this competition and worked incredibly hard in dryland to improve his strength in order to compete at Talent Games. Leo went from being able to do only 1 chin up to 10 chin-ups in a very short amount of time. He had to do extra work at home in order to achieve this. Leo was also present at all external sessions that we did and has shown excellent commitment to training and diving! Leo finished 4th overall at Talent Games which is a huge achievement and did the club proud! 


Elliot B - Advanced Class

Elliot is nominated for consistent hard work and determination. He is always looking to respond to feedback and improve his dives and as a result, has made huge strides in his diving over the last term. He also tries really hard to go for new skills even when he finds them really scary!


Lily H - Pre Squad and Intermediate Class
Lily has an excellent attitude and is always keen to improve. She recently moved into pre-squad and has risen to the challenge. She really listens to feedback and tries really hard to implement it in her dives. This has resulted in a massive improvement in her diving and her technique this term.


Molly Cl - Intermediate Class
Molly is nominated for her fantastic attitude, her hard work, and always listening to coaching feedback. She will attempt any new skills that are thrown at her no matter how scary they may be. When she tries new skills she tries really hard to remember coaching feedback so she can do them to the best of her ability!

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