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Star Diving Club's competition policy

Single day events
Divers must wear full tracksuits - top & trousers and club T shirt when travelling to and from the competition and in all presentations, parades and medal ceremonies.  Divers must wear trainers for warm up and if they wish to wear shorts whilst they are not competing these should be club shorts for boys or black fitted gym shorts for girls no other shorts should be worn.
Away Competitions & residential trips
Divers must wear full tracksuits - top & trousers, club T shirt and trainers when travelling to and from the venue and in all presentations, parades and medal ceremonies.  Divers must have both a black and a yellow club T shirt (make sure you wear the correct colour on the correct day as directed by the chaperones and coaches) as well as club shorts for boys and black fitted gym shorts for girls.
Divers arriving at competitions without the correct kit will not be allowed to compete.
When entering a diver in a competition you are agreeing that your diver will arrive at the start of the day's events and stay until the last club diver has finished competing and received their results.  Divers are not permitted to turn up for their event and then leave once they have finished competing they must stay and support their teammates. 
Occasionally in exceptional circumstances (eg A level exam period) a diver may be granted permission to leave early or arrive late, however a written request must be submitted to and approved by the head coach before the diver enters the event. 
Any diver leaving a competition early without prior permission from the head coach will not be invited to compete for the next term and will be pulled out of any events already entered that term.
When arriving at a competition divers should report to their coach who will let them know when they need to sign their divesheets, warm up, train, eat etc.  (If your coach is on poolside coaching or judging come and let them know you are there but make sure you don't walk in front of any judges!)  The divers should make sure that they sit together with their teammates, not alone with their parents.  Before leaving a competition divers should say goodbye to their coach and let them know they are leaving.
Thank you to the divers and parents who stick to these policies at every event you are a credit to the club and help to make it a great atmosphere at competitions. 

Many thanks

Kirsty McMahon


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