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Diving Parties


Do the children need to be able to swim?

Yes, all the children need to be able to swim 25m without goggles and be confident in deep water or they won’t be able to join in.


Is there a plan for the party? And will they experience the bubble machine?

Usually at parties we mix some actual diving with some diving games and then have ‘free time’ and bubbles at the end.


Is it okay for some parents to watch from the side?

Yes, this is absolutely welcome.

Should we use the public changing rooms?

Yes, there are either individual changing rooms the group can use or a group change, however both are open to public.


Where should we meet?

Meet on the diving pit poolside a few minutes before the start of the party with the partygoers changed into their swimwear (no hats or goggles), ready to get in.


How many children can we bring?

Up to 12 children. Please enquire further if you want to invite more than 12.


Who should I contact about a booking, prices and times?

Email Marni at


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