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Welcome to Star Diving Club Guildford

We are a springboard and highboard diving club in Guildford, Surrey.
We are affiliated to Swim England through Swim England South East Region and have SwimMark accreditation.
Our programme is based at Guildford Spectrum.
Whether you are a complete beginner or have some previous experience, you are welcome to join us.
Catering for all abilities we run a variety of sessions six days a week.

Want to start diving?

For more information, to arrange a term-time taster or to book a class please contact

We run a variety of term-time sessions catering for all levels, six days a week.

Everyone must be able to swim 25m and be comfortable in deep water without goggles.

Summer Term

The summer term runs from Tuesday 23rd April - Sunday 21st July.

There are no sessions on Bank Holiday Monday 6th May nor Monday 27th May.

There are no lessons in the half-term week: Monday 27th May - Sunday 2nd June.

Due to all-day swimming galas there is no diving on Sunday 16th June and Sunday 30th June.

View or download the summer term overview below...

Summer Term Overview 2019
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National Skills Finals

Congratulations to our team of 10 divers who competed at this year's National Skills Finals, hosted by the South West Region, at the Plymouth Life Centre.

The club came away with two silvers and a gold - plus four other top 10s along with heaps of experience for those competing nationally at this level for the first time.

On day one, Oliver and Felix came 10th and 11th respectively in the D2 Boys. This was Oliver's second time competing at the National Skills Finals and Felix's first.

Annabella, Tegan and Mia were first to compete on day two. Annabella came fifth in the D1 Girls - and was one of only a handful of divers in the event to score more than 300 points. She should be very pleased with her performance given her limited diving training.

In the D2 Girls, one of the meet's largest events, Tegan dived sensationally to claim silver while team-mate Mia impressed in ninth. The rankings were particularly close in this event, with just 15 points separating tenth up to fourth. Tegan's dive sheet was littered with nines, 9.5s and even a ten for her forward jump piked from poolside.

Thomas and Archie competed next, both of whom have dived at past National Skills Finals. Thomas won the C1 Boys by a fair margin. His dive sheet also impressed, with a number of nines and two 10s for his forward tuck to pike roll from 3m. Archie, meanwhile, who had narrowly missed out on a medal at last year's meet in Manchester, rose to the occasion here by securing silver in the C2 Boys.

In the B+ Girls, the other largest event of the meet, Kotryna, Amy and Scarlett came ninth, 11th and 16th respectively - all in the first half of the rankings.

Thanks to Jon and Karen, our volunteer chaperones over the weekend, for making it an enjoyable team trip for all concerned. The detailed results are available here.

Swim England National Age Groups


High five to our team of five divers who competed at this year's Swim England National Age Group Championships at Ponds Forge in Sheffield.

In the D/C Girls 1m synchro, Lyra paired with Baye from Luton to claim bronze, edging out Lily and Caitlin by a whisker, who came fourth.

In the B/A Boys 3m synchro, Johannes and Wilfred dived well enough to secure joint gold - something rarely seen in synchro.

In the C Girls 1m, Lily claimed bronze, Caitlin was sixth and Lyra finished around the middle of the pack in 15th. In the C Girls 3m, Lily won gold - even with a dropped inward double somersault. Lyra was fifteenth while Caitlin came 22nd. In the C Girls platform, Lily claimed her second bronze of the meet, Caitlin performed much better to finish sixth and Lyra was 17th.

In the B Boys 1m, Johannes won silver while Wilfred came 16th. In the B Boys 3m, Johannes claimed bronze and Wilfred finished 15th. In the B Boys platform, Wilfred made amends to his springboard performances by finishing fifth while Johannes came ninth. The detailed results are available here.

Swim England South East Region Age Groups


Well done to our team of eight divers who competed at this year's South East Region Age Groups held across two venues over the bank holiday weekend.

Half of the team here used these competitions to prepare for the National Age Group Championships at the end of June in Sheffield.

For the other divers, the regionals provided an excellent opportunity to compete at age group level for the first time.

At 'part 1' in Tunbridge Wells on Sunday, all our Group C divers - Lily, Lyra, Thomas and Archie - competed on 1m and 3m. In the 'closed' category, Lily and Lyra bagged gold and bronze respectively on both boards. Thomas and Archie finished sixth and seventh respectively on both boards.

At 'part 2' in Crawley the following day, Wilfred and Johannes competed on 1m and 3m in Group B.

In the 'closed' section, Wilfred won both boards and Johannes came fourth and fifth respectively.

In the Group D 'closed' category, Annabella and Tegan came second and third respectively on 1m while Tegan also took silver on 3m.

The detailed results are available here.

Swim England South East Region Skills


Congratulations to our team who competed at this year's South East Region Skills Competition at the K2 in Crawley.

This was the second skills qualifier we attended, giving divers more competition experience and another opportunity to qualify for the National Skills Finals in July.

All 12 divers impressed here with nine securing a place for the team trip to Plymouth in the summer.

In the D Boys 'closed' section, Oliver achieved his points and came fourth.

We dominated the podium in the D Girls 'closed' category with Annabella, Mia and Tegan coming first, second and third respectively. All three also made their qualification scores.

In the C Girls, the largest event of the meet, Carrie stepped up her performance with a marked improvement on London. As well as making her qualification points she was runner-up in the 'closed' section. Tessa dived well - but missed qualification by 10 points. Liberty, who was competing at her first-ever skills qualifier, enjoyed the experience.

In the C Boys 'open' and 'closed' sections, Thomas and Archie dived consistently throughout, securing qualification and finishing first and second respectively. Meanwhile Alex dived well but was 20 points short of the standard.

In the B+ Girls 'closed' section, Amy qualified in fourth and Scarlett was runner-up - even with a 'restart' on one of her dives.

The detailed results are available here.

Swim England London Region Skills


Well done to our team of nine divers who competed at this year's London Region Open Skills Competition at the London Aquatics Centre.

This was the first of two opportunities for our divers to qualify for the National Skills Finals to be held at the Plymouth Life Centre in July.

With seven divers achieving their qualification scores - and two not far off the mark - we came away with a gold, two silvers and a bronze.

Mia competed first in the D Girls, getting us off to a good start by making her qualification points and winning a bronze.

In the D Boys, Felix and George also qualified, finishing second and seventh respectively.

In the C Girls, the largest event of the competition, Carrie and Tessa came 11th and 14th respectively. Both were around 10 points short of qualification.

Thomas and Archie impressed in the C Boys, finishing first and fourth respectively.

In the B+ Girls, Amy qualified in sixth and Kotryna was runner-up.

The detailed results are available here.

G Star


Congratulations to our team of six divers who competed at this year's G Star at the John Charles Centre for Sport in Leeds.

In the C Girls 1m prelim, Lily, Caitlin and Lyra placed third, fourth and thirteenth respectively. Then Lily and Caitlin went through to the six-diver final, finishing fourth and fifth respectively.

In the 3m prelim, they came third, sixth and 14th respectively. Lily and Caitlin went on to finish third and fourth in the final.

In the platform prelim, they came fourth, sixth and eleventh respectively. Then in the final Lily took the bronze and Caitlin came fifth.

In the B Boys 1m and 3m, Johannes placed fifth in each prelim and finished sixth and fourth in their respective finals. Team-mate Wilfred came 11th in each prelim. In the platform, the boys placed seventh and ninth respectively in the prelim.

In the C Boys 1m and 3m prelims, Archie went for experience and came 14th and 13th respectively.

The detailed results are available here.

Surrey Schools, 1m Age Groups and 1m Championships


Divers from 11 county schools competed at this year's Surrey Schools Diving Championships at Guildford Spectrum. There were also guest divers from schools in neighbouring Kent, Hampshire and West Sussex.

Mia won the primary girls just 0.6 points ahead of Tegan while Annabella took the bronze. Thomas won the primary boys, George took silver and Felix the bronze. Just 0.45 separated silver and bronze. Leo came fourth.

Lily won the junior girls, Lyra was runner-up and Caitlin came third. Kotryna ranked fifth as a guest. In the junior boys, Alex claimed a Surrey silver and Archie a guest silver. Johannes won the intermediate boys while Wilfred claimed a guest silver.

Star was the dominant county club in the Surrey County ASA 1m Age Groups and 1m Championships - also winning the Jimmy Aldous Trophy for accumulative team points in the age groups.

In the D girls, Mia won gold, Tegan took silver and Annabella the bronze. In the D boys, George was runner-up and Felix took bronze. The C girls was won by Lily, Caitlin took silver and Lyra the bronze. Carrie placed a creditable fourth. The C boys was won by Thomas, with Archie claiming silver and Alex the bronze. Leo finished seventh. In the B girls, Kotryna won the Surrey gold. In the B boys, Johannes and Wilfred won Surrey gold and silver respectively.

In the 1m Championships, Lily won the female junior and senior events while Caitlin was runner-up in the junior. Johannes won gold in the male junior and senior events with silver in both going to Wilfred.

The detailed results are available here.

Gavin Brown Love To Dive


Well done to our team of eight divers who competed at this year's Gavin Brown Love To Dive competition in Southampton.

With medals up for grabs to the top six in each event, more than half the team medalled here.

Twins Ada and Isla competed first, finishing ninth and tenth respectively in the 10/11 Girls.

In the 10/11 Boys, Felix medalled in fifth and team-mate Isaac came 13th.

Carrie and Liberty dived well in the 12/13 Girls, coming fourth and sixth respectively.

In the 14/18 Boys, Alex clinched the silver and Joel came fourth.

The detailed results are available here.

Surrey Skills


Congratulations to our team of eight divers who competed at this year's Surrey County ASA Diving Skills Competition at Guildford Spectrum.

All the divers put in great performances, some of whom were representing the club 'externally' for the first time.

We came away here as the county's top diving club for another year, proving the popularity among the black and yellow tracksuits very much alive and kicking.

Friendly competition came from guest clubs Crystal Palace, Dacorum, Highworth Phoenix, Maidstone, Tunbridge Wells and Waltham Forest.

Annabella led the medal charge with a convincing win in the D Girls. Scoring some 'very good' marks from some of the judges across her six skills, it included a '9' for her V-sit hold. Mia was runner-up and Ada came third. Isla finished narrowly behind her twin sister in fourth.

It was a one-two for Isaac and Thomas in the D Boys, winning gold and silver respectively. Katie, who was our only diver competing this year in the C Girls, won her event. And Joel, whose promotion to Novice Squad this term after successfully completing grade 10, topped it off by winning the B+ Boys.

Thanks to Surrey County ASA president Collette Crow for coming along to present the medals.

The detailed results are available here.

Santa Skills


Well done to our team of a dozen divers who competed at this year's Santa Skills in Sheffield.

In the D Girls, the biggest event of the meet with more than 50 competitors, Piper, Tessa and Mia came 33rd, 20th and 14th respectively. Tegan made it through the prelim in sixth, then finished sixth in the final.

In the D Boys, George, Felix and Thomas came 13th, seventh and third respectively. Thomas went on to finish fifth in the final.

In the C Girls, Scarlett, Kotryna and Amy came 14th, ninth and third respectively. Amy went on to clinch bronze in the final.

In the C Boys, Alex and Archie came 14th and third respectively. Then Archie went on to finish sixth in the final.

Big thanks to our volunteer chaperones for helping to make this team trip possible.

The detailed results are available here.

Peter Waterfield Novice Invitational


Congratulations to our team of 11 divers who competed at this year's Peter Waterfield Novice Invitational in Southampton.

This circuit-style competition has the same conditions as the National Skills Finals, although it no longer acts as a qualifier.

Competing first were Piper, Tessa and Tegan, in the D Girls, finishing 15th, ninth and second respectively.

In the D Boys, Leo came 16th, George narrowly missed it onto the podium, in fourth, and Thomas was runner-up.

In the C Girls, Scarlett finished ninth, Kotryna took silver and Amy won gold (guest).

In the C Boys, Alex finished 16th and Archie claimed a gold.

With a final medal count of three silvers and two golds – plus three other top 10s – it was a great day for everyone at a very hot Quays.

The detailed results are available here.

ESSA South East Division Trials


Well done to all five divers who represented their schools at this year's ESSA South East Division Trials held at Tunbridge Wells.

Four out of five divers placed in the top three at this regional qualifer, making South East Division team selection for the English Schools National Championships at the London Aquatics Centre in December.

Lily, Caitlin and Lyra competed in the junior girls – the biggest event of the meet – finishing first, third and sixth respectively.

Patrick impressed in the junior boys, winning by a solid 25-point margin ahead of the runner-up.

Johannes dived steadily in the intermediate boys, finishing third and securing a place to London too.

The detailed results are available here.

Southampton Invitational


Congratulations to our team of four divers who competed at the three-day Southampton Invitational at the Quays.

Apart from one event, each diver made it through their prelims in the top six – then medalled in the finals!

Patrick claimed silver in the boys' 12/13 year 1m and won the platform and 3m – the latter more than 15 points clear of the runner-up.

Lily, whose dropped forward double somersault cost her a place in the girls' 12/13 year 1m final, made amends on 3m and platform by winning bronze and silver respectively.

Lyra qualified in sixth and second respectively in the girls' 10/11 year 1m and 3m events, then took bronze in each final.

Team-mate Caitlin did not let a wrist injury stop her from competing in the girls' 10/11 year 1m event, winning the prelim and claiming a silver in the final.

The detailed results are available here.

Bill Johnston Grand PrixLeg 3


Well done to the dozen divers who competed as 'guests' at the third leg of the Bill Johnston Grand Prix hosted by Amersham.

More than half the team here were competing externally for the first time. There were some great performances from everyone, with three-quarters of the divers ending up on the podium.

In Group 4 (8/9 years), Abigail claimed a bronze and Luke a silver. In 10/11 years, Amy and Issac won gold and Natalia a bronze.

In Group 3 (8/9 years), Ada came first equal while twin sister Isla finished sixth. In 10/11 years, Felix and Piper won gold and bronze respectively. Liberty wasn't far behind in fifth.

In 12/13 years, Carrie won silver while Charlotte finished in a creditable sixth place.

The detailed results are available here.

Luton Novice Challenge


Congratulations to the team of 12 divers who competed at the first-ever Luton Novice Challenge at Inspire: Luton Sports Village.

The format of this new competition combined poolside with 1m and/or 3m.

Anna impressed with a win in the A - Girls and Archie claimed silver in the C - Boys.

A further eight divers finished in the top 10.

Well done to Tegan for scoring a 9 from one of the judges for her forward jump piked from poolside, one of only three girls across the whole meet to do it.

The detailed results are available here.

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