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Parents' Guide To Injuries

It is inevitable that at some point your child may pick up an injury whether it is through diving or not.


Most people consider their first port of call to be the GP, however in the majority of cases the GP will recommend rest and once activity is resumed the problem re-occurs.


As a sports club we seriously advise you to use find a chartered physiotherapist with an interest in sports related injuries – in the case of children this is particularly significant that their changing bone density and maturing/joints/musculoskeletal system is fully protected. Unfortunately resting and taking pain relief is not the long term strategy for getting back to full fitness.


We appreciate that these treatments can be expensive, but they are invaluable. Should you have divers that are training 5 – 6 times a week then you may wish to look into insuring them with a medical package that covers physio should the need arise.


We would also advise any diver with a heavy training schedule to perhaps also look into occasional sports massage as part of their ongoing health regime.



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